All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;
they have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

~ William Shakespeare (from As You Like It)

Shakespeare was right!  Well…almost. All the world is a stage; however, all the men and women are more than merely players. As you will discover in this website, all the men and women, and the children too, are the writers, directors and producers, as well as the actors in the most dramatic blockbuster movie ever created. The movie is called “Life.”

Shirley MacLaine

It’s true. This never-ending story of life is playing out right now on planet Earth and yet most of the actors don’t know they are a character and that there is an amazing script written specifically for their role. A script that describes the highs and lows of their life, the talents and gifts that come to them naturally, what their desires and goals are, what kind of job they will have, when they will be in love and with whom. This script also includes their supporting cast of family, friends and associates.

Life is like a movie to me.
Everybody has their own movie that’s playing out every day,
and you’re writing it.

~ Julie Roberts, musician and a Jack of Spades♠

“What script? What character am I supposed to be playing?”

We have all been living in the land of Oz and now the curtain is finally being pulled back for all to see. Much like the people of Oz, we have been so mesmerized with our experiences and the fantasy of what we think is real, and our fears of what lies ahead, that we have not been able to see beyond the illusion of the show. We have been so enamored with the smoke and mirrors and special effects—from floods and famines, to wars and oil well explosions, from planes flying into buildings, to school shootings—that we haven’t really seen the world for what it truly is.

The whole of life is just like watching a film.
Only it’s as though you always get in ten minutes
after the big picture has started, and
no-one will tell you the plot,
so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues.

 ~ Terry Pratchett, author of Moving Pictures and a Six of Clubs♣

The reality is that the day we were born is the day we stepped onto the world’s stage and the day our drama began. We are souls playing roles. We signed up to play certain characters in this life to experience necessary lessons in order to fulfill our personal journey or spiritual path to enlightenment. Believe it or not, our body is the costume we chose for this grand performance. And it supports our roles completely—one hundred percent of the time.

Cinema Playing CardsIn a perfect world, we would have received a birthday card–a real card that reveals how our life will play out–on the day of our birth. A card that describes the character we are going to play along with its accompanying script. Unfortunately, like most of the six and a half billion other actors in this global film production, we never received our life’s card. We were never told that we are playing a very important part in the greatest story ever told…that is until now.

“If my life is already written, then where is free will?”

Even though the script is already written, we do have the “free will” to choose at every moment how we will play out each scene. Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology, stated, “Free will is doing gladly and freely that which one must do.”

Because this movie comes from the greatest screenwriter that ever was, every opportunity has been thought out much like an interactive video game.  In this epic movie, the actors feel like they have a multiple-choice script, where if they make a different decision, then a different scenario will play itself out. This feature gives us the illusion of chance, chaos, and even fear—components of any good movie.

At every moment, we are acting, directing and producing the scenes of this movie. While we collectively are creating the bigger story, each one of us has our own story playing out on our own part of the stage. It is up to us to determine if it is going to be a tragedy or a comedy. Remember, the script doesn’t make the actor, the actor makes the script. Their attitude toward the role they are playing is everything. And keep in mind, the best actors in Hollywood want the more difficult roles. Anyone can play the easy ones.

The script doesn’t make the actor, the actor makes the script.
Their attitude toward the role they are playing is everything.

~ Gina E. Jones, author of “Flying Between Heaven and Earth” and a Queen of Diamonds

“My whole life has already been scripted–my past, my present and even my future?”

Yes, it is true. This movie called “Life” follows a pre-programmed script that was made in a holographic way but appears to play out in a linear manner, like a movie that has already been filmed. This is where the Cards of Life can show you specific events in your past and when they happened. They can further show you what will happen in the future because it is already written. As children, we are told that God has a plan for us. Well, here is…cleverly written in an ancient code of colors, symbols and numbers.

In the movie industry, screenwriters use scene cards, small cards that briefly describe what is going to happen in a particular scene of the movie, to plot out the sequence of events for the characters and the entire screenplay. The Cards of Life accomplish the exact same thing. They explain what may seem like random, chaotic, unrelated events in your life, subject to the capricious winds of chance. Everything in your life has order and a divine purpose: your past, present and, yes, even your future.

Don’t be dead serious about your life–it’s just a play!

~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Indian yogi, mystic, poet,
New York Times bestselling author, and an Eight of Diamonds 8♦

Speaking of the future, as you experience your own movie, it doesn’t matter whether or not you like the ending because there really is no ending. The concept of death is an absolute lie. It is the biggest lie we are ever told and yet, so much of life is about death and avoiding it. Ironically, most movies and television shows perpetuate the lie. We are immortal beings who live for all eternity.

Joan Rivers

We do, however, like Shakespeare said, have our exits and our entrances. When someone in our life dies, they have, in essence, moved off our stage. Too many people on the set can make a terrible movie. Later on in life, when they are ready to return to the movie set of “Life”, they will, wearing a different costume, with a different name, and have a different role because this movie, like life itself, never ever ends.

“Am I going to win some type cosmic academy award for the role I’m playing now?”

Yes, and that is part of your script, too. However, we all must play our role really well to win. We have had many lifetimes that were quite successful and rewarding, and some that just bombed at the box office. That’s true for everyone here. But now, knowing what we know through the Cards of Life, it is now up to each one of us to make this lifetime the most spectacular one yet. Let’s all play the high side of our cards and offer a stellar performance that will never be forgotten and receive a standing ovation for all eternity.


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