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Jacks, Queens and Kings Govern the 12 Months

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12 Court Cards  =  12 Months of the Year


January (Aquarius)
Queen of Spades♠

February (Pisces)
Jack of Spades♠

March (Aries)
King of Hearts♥

April (Taurus)
Queen of Hearts♥

May (Gemini)
Jack of Hearts♥

June (Cancer)
King of Clubs♣

July (Leo)
Queen of Clubs♣

August (Virgo)
Jack of Clubs♣

September (Libra)
King of Diamonds♦

October (Scorpio)
Queen of Diamonds♦

November (Sagittarius)
Jack of Diamonds♦

December (Capricorn)
King of Spades♠


The Four Suits — The Four Seasons:

Hearts – Spring (March-May)

Clubs♣ – Summer (June-August)

Diamonds – Fall (September-November)

Spades♠ – Winter (December-February)

Card of the Month

Illustration from “The Mystic Test Book” by Olney H. Richmond

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Court Cards | Jacks, Queens, Kings