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What is the Card of the Day? Through precise mathematical calculations, every day of the year is identified with a specific playing card that identifies certain energies, influences and even karma that affect you and everybody else on the planet. It’s like a global horoscope for everyone around the world.

Eight of DiamondsFor example, anyone born on July 7th is an Eight of Diamonds person. Even though that day is probably not your birthday, the Eight of Diamonds will affect you and everyone else that day. This “calendar” card influences you even if it is not your Life Card, Sign Ruling Card or your Karma Cards. It helps to know this because the Eight of Diamonds, nicknamed the “power shopper” card, will urge you and everyone else that day to go shopping and buy something–usually something very expensive.

There is much you can discover about the cards, their meanings and these universal energies coming to each of us by reading the Card of the Day! Each card offers detailed information about that day and can help you gain insight into your life and your relationships. Magically, you may find that people who have a Life Card or Sign Ruler Card that is the same as the card of that day will somehow show up the very same day.

Here is a perfect example. This evening I unexpectedly received a call from someone who I have been trying to reach for months. She finally contacted me and set up the day and time for a meeting based on her schedule and availability, not mine. Guess what–she scheduled the meeting for tomorrow, which is going to be a Five of Diamonds day, and she is a Five of Diamonds. Look for “coincidences” like this in your life and you’ll be amazed.

To find the “Card of the Day!”, simply match up the month and day in the cardology chart below and then click on that card in the alphabetical listing of cards on the left to discover how that card will affect you and everyone else that day.

cardology chart

More about The Card of the Day!

The Card of the Day! helps you see what lies ahead for the next day and maximize the opportunities coming your way. The idea comes from the tradition of the ancient Maya, who used different animals and elements in their glyphs to express these same sacred daily energies. The glyph below is called “1 Wisdom (Cib)” and represents the Vulture/Owl known as Ancient Warrior, Keeper of Wisdom, Defender of Universal Consciousness, and Silent Inner Strength of Convictions. Although the symbols in the cards are different from Mayan glyphs, they offer similar knowledge and wisdom that we too can use personally and professionally to enhance our experience of life.

1 WisdomOne practice the Maya performed daily is after sunset they the studied the glyph for the next day. Before going to sleep, they would simply ask and pray that they would use these upcoming universal energies in a way that would enhance their life and their community. They understood that each day brings a sacred gift and asked that they use this gift from the universe for the highest good of all.

Unfortunately, most people in our society see life as a merry-go-round where each day is basically the same as the next. Our modern-day culture doesn’t recognize these unique daily energies. I am honored to continue this ancient sacred tradition for those who want to know and celebrate each card and the wisdom it contains to affect positive change in their lives and the world around them.

The Maya were master timekeepers and understood that life can be easy when we are in the divine flow with time. Every day I see how these cards play out for myself and others. The accuracy is astounding if you pay attention and watch how things magically unfold.

It is best to read the “Card of the Day!” on the previous evening so that you can go bed prayerfully anticipating the new energies of the card for the next day. Be sure to check for the “Card of the Day!” on our Facebook community page and on Twitter too!

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((¸¸.*´ ..♣..´..Wishing you love and magic in everything! -:¦:-
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Gina E. Jones
Author, Master Cardologer and Certified Magi Counselor
Founder of International Association of Cardology and
Cardology Community: The Official International Online Forum for Cardology

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