Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.

~ J.P. Morgan, American financier and banker

Do you know what day you were born? Of course, you do.

Do you know what day your business was born? Do you know what day your company was incorporated? That day, whether you can remember it or not, a new entity was created. You gave “birth” to a new being. Just like you, it has a birthday!

Just like you, your business has a personality, a story, a script, and a purpose for being here on Earth. Just like you, it has a card. The business card you carry in your pocket, your briefcase, your wallet or your purse is NOT really your business card.

No Business Card

Discover what your “real” business card is, what it means and much more in a Business Consultation.  Find out when your business is destined to be profitable and when to prepare for when it won’t be. Every business has its ups and downs. Don’t be caught off guard with yours!

Find out what your real business suit is. Not the suit you wear to work but the suit that your business wears. Is it a Hearts suit? Maybe Clubs? Possibly Diamonds? What does it mean if it is a Spades suit? What does that mean to you personally and how does the suit of your business affect its long-term success?

Is your company even capable of fulfilling its destiny the way it is currently structured? We can show you how because it’s all in the birthday and the cards of your company.

The Cards of Life Business Consultation

Haven’t incorporated yet? Great! You are in the perfect position to pick the best day to launch your new business, not only to fulfill your personal dreams, desires, karma and destiny, but to also fulfill your business’ dreams, desires, karma and destiny too!

If you are already incorporated, do you really like your business? Are you just in it for the money? Are you two even “suited” for each other? Are your personal cards matching up with your business’ cards so that success and abundance are even possible?

The day you incorporated or started your business, you didn’t just pick a day in the year, you actually chose an entire business. With a Business Consultation, you can find out more about your company and what it is really all about and how to work together harmoniously.

Business 2And, like you, your business has relationships, whether it is with its employees, other businesses, or with you. The cards of your business reveal these relationship connections.

In your Business Consultation, you will also find out the type of relationship you have with your business or the company you work for. Just like two people, two beings, or two entities, there is a relationship. Find out if your relationship is karmic and if so, who owes who.

Let us show you how to make your relationship with your job or business one that is positive and filled with prosperity, abundance and financial blessings for everyone involved.

If you are confused about a business issue, or require clear-cut, concise answers to some business matter, then our Business Consultation is for you. Our guidance will help you to make the correct decisions regarding your business. You’ll feel more confident and able make great decisions when you are in the know and in the flow of the ups and downs that every company experiences.

Making MoneyIn today’s competitive and fast-paced world, timing IS everything. Getting ahead takes looking ahead. The Cards of Life help identify the best opportunities for financial success and help you to prepare for downward cycles too.

The cards of your business help you to know when it’s best to launch a marketing campaign and new products, expand your operations, and hire new employees.  Knowing the cards of your business can help you with short-term and long-term planning, forecasting, projections and, of course, financial success.

Our Business Consultation is created to open the doors of understanding of how business and the cards work together. The Cards of Life is an ancient system, which combines the power of astrology with the simplicity of numerology, to give you what billionaires already know…how to use the Cards of Life to win the game of life!

New Business CardDiscover Your “Real” Business Card


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