Choose a job you love, and
you will never have to work a day in your life.

~ Confucius

Family or Career? Love or Money? Which will you choose when you’re standing on the Karmic Triangle with the Ten of Spades 10♠?

Ten of SpadesAt various times in life, each one of us (except *K♠, J♥, 8♣, 9♥, 7♦, 2♥, A♣), will stand on the stage of all the other 44 cards as we move through the 90 Master Life Scripts. Every 45 cycles of time, whether it is for 1 day, 7 days, 52 days, 1 Year, 7 Years or some other period, our Life Card will stand on the stage of the Ten of Spades 10♠.

SSA-Crown Line

Image: “Sacred Symbols of the Ancients” by Edith L. Randall and Frances Campbell

The Ten of Spades 10♠ is the second step or stage on the Path to the Pinnacle. The Pinnacle is the highly revered and yet, often feared, Eight of Diamonds 8♦ in the center of the prestigious Crown Line. The Path to the Pinnacle, up and back down, is a 10-stage process, with eight stages on the ascent and two stages down on the descent. Once complete, we find ourselves standing on the stage of the “most blessed” Ten of Diamonds 10♦ in the Master Life Script. Each step, each stage, each card on the Path to the Pinnacle is significant, especially for those who want to consciously create their life and benefit from the opportunities available along the way.

Career or FamilyWhen we stand on the Ten of Spades 10♠, we will most likely be faced with making a choice between our family, or those we love and care most about, and our job or career. For those of us whose Life Card is not the Ten of Spades 10♠, we will play that role (10♠) when the time comes (every 45 scripts or cycles of time), and play it as if it is our own card, complete with its challenging, negative Four of Hearts 4♥ Karma Card (-KC) and its supporting, positive Queen of Hearts Q♥ Karma Card (+KC).

In the Master Life Script, the Ten of Spades 10♠ stands at the intersection of the Mercury line and Jupiter column, just below the Crown Line. If we draw a straight line from the Ten of Spades 10♠ to the Four of Hearts 4♥ in the lower right-hand corner in the Neptune line/Mercury column and to the Queen of Hearts Q♥ at the bottom left corner in the Neptune line/Neptune column, and then draw a straight line that connects to the Q♥ at the base the 4♥ , we end up with a triangular formation.

The placement of these three cards in the Master Life Script forms a “karmic triangle” and their karmic influences will play out while we stand on the Ten of Spades 10♠ stage.

Karmic Triangle

Depending on our Life Card, and how long we live, most of us will experience the Ten of Spades 10♠ at least one year in our life; many will experience it twice; and a rare few, three times.

Karmic Triangle Years

Initially, it is difficult to see where the “workaholic” part of these two Karma Cards plays out, especially since they are both Hearts, the suit of love, children and families. What do the Four of Hearts 4♥, known as the “marriage and family” card, and the Queen of Hearts Q♥, known as the “mother” card, have to do with choosing a job or career? The answer lies in the fractal nature of Cardology itself.

When we look at the underlying negative, challenging Karma Cards (smaller red circles) of both larger Karma Cards, we discover where the “work” part of these cards comes from. The underlying negative, challenging Karma Card (-KC) for the Queen of Hearts Q♥ is the Ten of Spades 10♠ and the underlying negative, challenging Karma Card (-KC) for the Four of Hearts 4♥ is the Four of Spades 4♠, the most powerful Four of the deck and one who works super hard to achieve security and a rock-solid foundation. It’s the card of personal strength and will power in action. These underlying karma cards are both Spades♠, the suit of labor, work, military, religion, spirituality, death and dying. Now we can see where the choices come from. Family or career? Love or money?

What’s extraordinary about standing on the stage of the Ten of Spades 10♠ is this is a time in our lives that we, too, stand on our own two Karma Cards, both positive and negative, supporting and challenging. Below is the Queen of Diamonds Q♦ standing on the Ten of Spades♠ stage at Age 60 with her two Karma Cards, the challenging, negative Three of Diamonds 3♦ Karma Card (-KC) in the lower right corner, and her supporting, positive Nine of Diamonds 9♦ Karma Card (+KC) in the lower left corner.

Notice the two smaller, underlying cards under the 3♦ and 9♦ cards are the same as the underlying cards under the 4♥ and Q♥. These smaller, underlying cards remain in these positions no matter which Master Life Script we are looking at and no matter which card is standing on the Ten of Spades♠.

Underlying Cards QD 60

In the Cards of Life, every card has its share of challenges, and that includes the Tens of the deck too as they can become obsessed with their suit: Hearts, Clubs♣, Diamonds and Spades♠. Not only do Tens tend go overboard with things represented by their suit but they can play their role in life too intensely.

10 SpadesThe Ten of Spades 10♠, the last and most powerful Ten of the deck, is nicknamed the “workaholic card” because people with this card can become totally obsessed with their work. When they/we are standing in the center of the Ten of Spades 10♠ card, they/we are surrounded by ten individual Spades♠, the symbol for work but also for death, dying and spirituality.

A young client of mine has a Ten of Spades 10♠ in Venus (planet that rules love, family and friends) in her life script for 13 years and had nearly 35 friends die in those 13 years…all in separate incidences. Standing in the middle of the Ten of Spades 10♠ card, no matter where she turned, she was surrounded by death; so much so that she tried to take her own life several times.

These same ten Spades can also represent health issues, feeling trapped in life, or just a lot of high drama. No matter what these Spades♠ present to you, just know that they will cause you to obsess about it and it will be a heavy load for you to carry.

Paris Underground by Etta Shiber is a true story of two women, an American and an English woman, who were friends and roommates, living in Paris during the Nazi takeover of France. Together they smuggled 150 English soldiers out of the occupied zone in Paris. Shiber wrote about her and her friend’s experiences and how they were eventually captured. What’s interesting about their story is they met a young woman while in prison in Paris who told the future through the use of ordinary playing cards. She predicted the author’s release from prison, which occurred shortly after her prediction, in a trade between America and the Nazis. Another interesting facet to this story is, according to this woman, the Ten of Spades♠ is considered the “death” card.

On Serena’s Guide to Divination website, it shows that the Ten of Spades represents: “Misfortune and worry. Imprisonment. Unwelcome news.” While Cardology is different from Cartomancy, there are some similar meanings of the suits and numbers. Even the ones that are dissimilar are worth consideration and careful examination.


Ten of Swords

In Tarot, the X of  Swords (10) equates to the Ten of Spades. Like many of the Swords suit, the Ten does carry an unpleasant connotation as well, but it is also not necessarily the end of the world. When it appears, however, it is a clear signal to be careful about where you put your trust. Whenever a door closes, another door opens. When this card appears, you are being guided to a situation that is better for you. The advice is to trust yourself and trust in the universe.

This Ten of Swords card often means an illness, unfulfilled desires, failures. A Ten of Swords in reversed, upside-down position means danger.

In the area of work and career, the Ten of Swords may signal that your work situation is about to come to an end. Your best bet is to get your ducks in a row and think through what you will do if you do indeed lose your job. If you’re looking for work, a potential position that you’d pinned your hopes on may not come through. Above all, don’t give up.

In the area of love, this Tarot card is sadly not a good omen. Something about the love situation you are in is not quite right. Ask yourself a lot of questions, accept reality, and don’t close your eyes to the truth. In the area as finances, the Ten of Swords means you may be facing a disappointment. This is not a time to gamble, but is a time to take stock and to think logically and rationally.

In health, your situation may not be as good as you had hoped. Be careful in what healer and what methods you put your trust in. It’s time to call on all healing energies you can think of, whether it’s angels, the universe, ancestors, your higher power, God, or whatever you believe in. Miracles do happen every day. Just make sure that you are doing your part as well.

As the “Accomplishment in Work” card, Ten of Spades 10♠ people are conflicted between their work and their family, especially the women. Even some Ten of Spades 10♠ men struggle with this throughout their entire life because they not only identify themselves as being a family person but they also identify with being very successful in their career.  This causes tremendous guilt and stress as they are often torn between the two.

Keep in mind though that the Ten of Spades 10♠ is ultimately a card of success. While it does mean work, work, work, work and having time for little else, a smart Ten of Spades 10♠ person will delegate their work by having others do it for them and lighten their load to ensure their success.

Tens of the deck always mean broadening one’s influence and Tens often refer to working with large groups of people. The larger, the better. Olney H. Richmond, author of The Mystic Test Book, says that the Tens are standing in the center of their card and all they see when they look out is prosperity and large numbers, no matter which way they look.

Richmond's Mystic Triangle

Mystic Triangle from “The Mystic Test Book” by Olney H. Richmond

This formation of the Karmic Triangle was initially discovered by my mentor and teacher, Leslie Maat Ahmed, Senior Magi Counselor of the former organization, Magi Fellowship, headed by Cardology expert and author Robert Lee Camp. Both Ahmed and Camp have written about this subject and refer to it as the Mystic Triangle. However, to avoid any confusion with Olney Richmond’s unrelated Mystic Triangle from his book, The Mystic Test Book, I refer this geometric array of cards as a Karmic Triangle.

*Mystical Family of Seven is a unique group of three immovable, “fixed” (K♠, J♥, 8♣) and four alternating, “semi-fixed” cards (9♥, 7♦, 2♥, A♣) that never moves to the Ten of Spades 10♠ place in any of the 90 Master Life Scripts.


More about the Ten of Spades 10♠ – The Accomplishment in Work Card

Whatever the Ten of Spades♠ works toward, it’s full speed ahead.  Due to this inner drive, they may achieve great success in their careers; and due to a fear of poverty, they may overwork as a result.  Because they may not have an easy time with money throughout their life, this contributes further to their impulse to work, work, work. With a Seven of Diamonds in Saturn in their life script, there may be doubt regarding their level of poverty and stress as a result.

The Ten of Spades♠ truly appreciates family and are committed to the well-being of those they love. The Seven of Hearts in Jupiter indicates a sociable nature, comfort in the company of others and a generous, selfless attitude. Balancing ambition with a satisfying family life is a common theme for the Ten of Spades♠.

This Ten of the deck is truly creative. Their Five of Clubs♣ in Mercury and Five of Spades♠ in Uranus keep them innovative, creative and on the move. They may have many interests and could enjoy a lifelong love of learning that contributes to their skill sets. Any mental restlessness is often directed toward furthering their careers or their education.

Ten of Spades♠ Birthdays:  January 4, February 2

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