Destiny, or karma, depends upon what the soul has done about
what it has become aware of.
~ Edgar Cayce, Five of Diamonds 5♦

Karma Cards…What are They and How do They Influence You and Your Life?

In the chart below, you can find your Karma Cards…both negative and positive, challenging and supportive. For example, the Queen of Diamonds Karma Cards are the Three of Diamonds 3♦ and Nine of Diamonds 9♦. The Three of Diamonds is her negative, Challenging Karma Card (-KC) and the Nine of Diamonds is her positive, Supportive Karma Card (+KC).

Note: *Members of the Mystical Family of 7 Cards have more than the other 45 Cards.

Karma Cards

Karma Cards:
Your negative, Challenging Karma Card (-KC), also known as the Karma Card 1 or 1st Karma Card, represents past-life areas in which you have an obligation to pay more attention to in this current lifetime. Sometimes it can represent your weak side or your shadow side in one or more ways. Your negative Challenging Karma Card represents an inner part of you; a part that you don’t want to share with the world and prefer to hide, sometimes even from yourself. It is said that you must give to the energy or issue that your Challenging Karma Card represents. Thus, it is sometimes referred to as your ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ karma.

The real message of the Challenging Karma Card is that it challenges you to pay more attention to it. By choosing to look at it, and eventually embrace it, you fulfill its purpose in your life and derive a positive expression of it, instead of the more negative expression that you started out with in life.

Another way to look at your Challenging Karma Card is to envision that in a past life you were playing the role of that card. For example, my Challenging Karma Card is the Three of Diamonds 3♦, nicknamed the “Uncertainty in Values” Card or “Financial Creativity” Card.

In that lifetime, as the Three of Diamonds, the Creator set the stage, gave me a script, a cast of characters, great scenery, and an audience. Instead of embracing the positive attributes of the Three of Diamonds, I stood on the stage and chose to play my role from fear. I played small. I played confused, frustrated, indecisive, insecure, worried, and many of the other negative characteristics of the Three of Diamonds. I had fears of not having enough. I was indecisive about what I wanted, personally and professionally. I was I was even angry at the Creator for the way my life was…and I completely bombed at the box office.

Challenging Karma Card

Now, in this present lifetime, the memory, the shame, the fear, the worry, are still with me.  Now, when I am afraid, when I play small in this lifetime, when I am stressed, I revert back to that previous Three of Diamonds♦ person and to that poor performance again.

The lesson in this lifetime is for me to embrace that card but from its positive side…from a place of love. It is time for me to stand on the Three of Diamonds stage and be extremely creative, gifted artistically, to be an innovator, and to play all the positive traits of that card. To give a grand performance. To feel good and to shine in the glory of that role…for myself and the Creator.

Karma means action and action motivated by compassion is good.
To complain that what happens to you is just the result of your karma is lazy.
Instead, confidently recalling the advice that,
“You are your own master,” you can change what happens by taking action.

~Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Nine of Diamonds 9

Your positive, Supporting Karma Card (+KC), also known as the Karma Card 2 or 2nd Karma Card, represents past-life gifts, talents, abilities and areas in which you are somewhat blessed in expression. Most people find that the expression of the energies represented by their positive Supporting Karma Card comes easily and naturally, and it tends to be beneficial. This is the outer part of yourself. A part that you are more than happy to share with the world. Thus, it is often referred to as your ‘positive’ or ‘good’ karma.

This positive, Supporting Karma Card pertains to areas of your life that you have been blessed with abundantly and in which you have many things to be most grateful for.

Another way to look at your Supporting Karma Card is to again envision that in a past life you were playing the role of that particular card. For example, my positive Karma Card (+KC) is the Nine of Diamonds 9♦, nicknamed the “Universal Values” Card and the “Giver” Card.

9 Keywords

Imagine that in another lifetime, I was the Nine of Diamonds and the Creator set the stage, gave me a script, a cast of characters, amazing scenery, and an audience. Instead of choosing to play out the negative attributes of the Nine of Diamonds, I chose to play my role from love. I played large. I played the positive characteristics of the Nine of Diamonds. I was charitable, giving, and compassionate. Even if I was afraid about money, I easily gave it away. I was philanthropic. My performance was a blockbuster and I also won the highly coveted cosmic award for best performance.

Now in this lifetime, the memory, the love, the giving, are still with me.  When I am happy, when I play large, when I am philanthropic, I am that Nine of Diamonds person again. The lesson was learned and its benefits flow effortlessly into this lifetime…from a place of love. It feels really good to stand on the stage of my positive, Nine of Diamonds Karma Card and give a grand performance. It feels magical to shine in the glory of that role each and every day of my life.

What if Someone You Know is Your Karma Card?

The easiest explanation is that if they are your negative, Challenging Karma Card (-KC), then you “owe” something to this person, even if it is just “paying” attention to them, and they reflect you in some way. If they are your positive, Supporting Karma Card (+KC), then this person “owes” you and you are their mirror in some way.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

~ Carl Jung, Two of Clubs 2♣

More about Karma:

Karma is nothing more than energy in action. Physics shows that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Simply stated, energy created by an action has to be returned. We have all heard the expression, “As yea sow so shall yea reap.” It’s true. Karma is merely energy…neither good nor bad. If you are alive, it cannot be avoided.

Challenging, supporting, negative, positive, bad, good…these are just the labels to help identify one expression of karma from the another, just like cold water or hot water…it is still just water.

Additionally, when we perform an action, it creates a memory. That memory, in turn, generates a desire. That desire then leads us to perform another action (reaction). For example: You stand up in front of an audience to give a speech (action). Now you know what happens when you give a speech (memory). If you enjoyed speaking and the audience liked your speech and applauded, you decide that you want to go back (desire), excited about giving another speech (action/reaction).

Karma creates not only memories, but desires too, which then determine how you live your life. Actions, memories, and desires are like a type of karmic software program that runs your life.

At various times in your life, if not daily, these subtle energies, stored within your memories and desires, will be activated. Using the example again of giving a speech in front of a group of people, you did it previously but then forgot about it until months later when you saw someone else give a speech. You suddenly remember your past experience, which triggers the desire to give a speech again.

What would happen, though, if you had mispronounced a word or said something in an unusual way in that first speech? What if the people who listened to you had laughed at you and mocked you instead of applauding? The action, memory, desire and action/reaction would probably be the opposite of the one you hold now. Hence, the karmic energy, the karmic memory, the karmic software programming takes over and again runs your life…and maybe even ruins your life.

Unfortunately, most people in the world are not aware of this system of knowledge and are unaware of their karma cards and how to work with their karma. Karma allows us to use the small amount of free will that we have to continue to create our life, within the divinely ordained expressions of our cards, and within the role we are here to play. Many play their lives completely by their karmic software, conditioned by their memories and desires, performing the same scripts over and over. So many wonder why their lives aren’t fulfilling and rewarding. Most are also bombing at the box office.

To play your role in life to the best of your ability and evolve spiritually, to move beyond these karmic cycles, I urge you to learn all that you can about your Karma Cards. Embrace them. Make quality choices to diminish the intensity or magnitude of their returning influences. Love your karma cards. Love all your cards. Forgive yourself and others. Be grateful for what you have. Give the best you have in all ways every day.

Consciously, you can choose to play your life to the fullest and can win that glorious heavenly award for your brilliant blockbuster performance for this lifetime!


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