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I found the reports on this site to be helpful, giving me insight on what to expect for the people most important to me. Gina was also wonderful. I submitted the wrong information and she didn’t hesitate to help me fix it, responding promptly to emails. Thank you.

~ Joy, San Diego, CA 7♦

thanks for recording the session! it is so great to have it to relisten when I’m going thru different things in life. Indeed, it is reassuring to know that the destiny of us all is already predestined and there’s nothing to add or subtract to it of ourselves..like you say, a bit like the movie avatar.
“I just went thru another great aha moment over the last few days and it was like, my whole world started to make sense in the sense of my life purpose. I feel like the universe pushing me to learn about unconditional love. Because of either an insane curiosity or a genuine thirst to know the truth about life, I went thru a several systems both chinese, western and vedic astrology, nothing strikes as much concordance as the magi cards!!
“thanks so very much for your loving guidance…it is so good to hear people like you speak your wisdom and personal experience. Still in process of learning this system, hopeful one day I will be able to see my life ahead of time like you do and be able to anticipate and work with universal energies.

~ Francis, Australia 7♦

Gina is extremely passionate about her work. During my recent consultation, she was a delight to listen to. Gina is extremely knowledgeable about the meaning of the cards and their alignment with the planets. The Cards of Life is based on science, astrology and mathematics. To me, my session was all about self discovery. Everything Gina told me made sense. You know the saying ‘it’s all in the cards’, well I am convinced it is. You need to see for yourself and the result will be a greater understanding to your path of spiritual enlightenment!

~ Chris C., Marietta, GA  K♠

***LOVE*** The Cards of Life! Gina is a master, living and breathing her craft and the magic that is the Magi Cards. She has an understanding and an in depth innate ability to interpret and then relate back to you in a manner that is clear and concise. A great teacher. You can’t deny the combination of astrology, mathematics and destiny!

~ Linda Lyon, Atlanta, GA  9♣

If you are looking for a honest, well researched reading, Gina provides it.  She truly cares about her clients, and has a sense of responsibility, in making sure, they have all the tools (information)  at hand, enabling  them make the best decisions for themselves. I recommend you do yourself a favor and try her.

~ Anne Rutledge, Aliso Viejo, CA  9♠

The Cards of Destiny is a language of its own. Gina has supported my learning experience in this system and has made it become helpful in my life. I can now explain and understand the events that have happened in my life and comprehend current influences. The Cards of Destiny is informative, interesting, mystical, amazing and relevant in my life. I know it can help anyone who seeks the Truth!

~ Cynthia Bell, Alpharetta, GA  4♠

This is a fascinating tool you all can learn to use. Gina is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to interview, aside from being a very special lady. I have not encountered anyone, myself included, who was not only surprised, but quite amazed by the info!

I highly recommend exploring The Cards of Life and you will be very impressed!

~ Dr. Robin Falkov, Albuquerque, NM  J♣

Gina’s ability is nothing short of truly AMAZing! She has become my advisor, my confidant, my spiritual friend. When life gets a little strange, weird, out-of-the-norm (if ever there is a true “norm”) I have a reading with Gina to put life back into perspective and know what I’m dealing with. At first, like most people, I took some of Gina’s “predictions” with an “Okay, we’ll see.” attitude. Not any more!!!She will remind you of things you’ve forgotten with a life reading. She will advise you when it’s time to be watchful. I’ve listened to her tapings of our sessions over and over again for the insights they provide. My life is so blessed with Gina as one of my guides. You are GUARANTEED to be AMAZED!!!! In fact, I need to schedule another reading myself!

~ Connie Koster, Atlanta, GA  2♦

I have learned so much from Gina about the Cards and my life! Wow…her insights are fantastic! Using the cards, she picks up on many aspects of my life that I am unaware of but when she points them out, I can see them so clearly! I have a new perspective on my life and my personality thanks to her teaching and guidance. Gina’s special attention to detail and degree of expertise and esoteric knowledge is astounding.

And she really makes the cards easy to understand. What a great experience! I will absolutely continue to seek Gina’s advice and I highly recommend her classes to anyone who is seeking answers to questions and a deeper insight into their life.

~ Jennifer, Marietta, GA 4♦

Gina Jones and her Cards of Life classes have been truly life saving for me recently. Understanding my ‘cards’, specifically for me The Adventurer and The Peacemaker, have allowed me to reflect on my life, and now my past is making perfect sense to me. But even more importantly, Gina has read and interpreted my cards for me and has told me with absolute confidence (I could intuitively see it on her face and hear it in her voice) that I will, without any doubt, be successful. And I fully trust that my purpose will be realized (and it’s already happening). I’m so grateful for Gina. Her intuition, wisdom and passion about this system of understanding one’s life is allowing me to not only have faith but also turn my dreams into reality.

~ Rachel H., Marietta, GA  5♠

The Cards of Life were dead-on for me in every aspect: personality, relationship compatibility, challenges. It helped me understand the difficult parts of my life better and to appreciate my strengths better as well. Of all of the psychic readings I have done, it has been the most accurate and useful. Thanks Gina, for introducing them to me!

~ Sue Mahany, VT 10♣

So Deeply Grateful to you for the Cards of Life — Destiny Reading for this year that you created and sent me for my recent Birth Day. It was awesome…and full of so much amazing information…that I am happily still working on comprehending and digesting. I’ve read it about three times so far and will continue to do so…as I seem to learn new information every time I read it. I’ve had the Love Cards and Destiny Cards Books for about 14 years…but have never had a “real” reading by someone as Brilliant and Wise at bringing all the information together as you are. You are offering a Great Gift to this world by this work you are doing. Keep up the good work! Sending You Gratitude, Blessings & Love, Barbara *_*

~ Barbara Gluck, Santa Monica, CA  9♣

Frankly, I am not into fortune telling, but I must confess the accuracy of the Cards of Life profile is uncanny. I would have never guessed such remarkable personal insights could be derived from an ordinary deck of playing cards! But don’t take my word for it–see for yourself!!

~ Jim Nichols, Tuscon, AZ 2♦

I really appreciate your insights on the Cards of Life. I feel I have a better understanding of myself and others through this exposure. It really is fascinating to contemplate how individuals are playing roles predetermined before birth and to see the predominate tendencies that govern personality and behavior. I truly appreciate my Destiny Reading for the year and look forward to further concentrated study of the cards!

~ Elizabeth K., Marietta, GA 9♣

Thanks for the reading, Gina. It certainly gave me some valuable insights into some personality traits of some people close to me. There’s so much to study and I plan on doing just that. I’ll keep you posted!

~ Ronnie H., Marietta, GA 9♦

The consultations I have had with Gina about the Cards of Life have been very informative and personally helpful to me. Gina is an excellent teacher and I really appreciated her warm and friendly approach in helping me with any questions I had. Her information about the cards has truly transformed my perception of life and our purpose for being here on planet Earth!

~ S. Howell, Huntington Beach, CA 3♦

At the moment, I took the Cards of Life for beginners…Amazing!!!!!, I learnt a lot!!!!…I have plan to take the advanced Cards of Life classes soon….If you are interested on or you are curious about the Cards of Life, please, take the classes; you will not waste your time….Have a nice day!!!!

~ Jaquelina Michienzi, Smyrna, GA 6♦

Gina is a wonderful, entertaining, reassuring, helpful, easy to understand teacher of a most fascinating subject!  I recommend it to any one interested in learning about the underlying grid holding each life together on this planet.

~ Leslie Coy, Atlanta, GA  2♦

Gina E. Jones introduced the Cards of Life to me over 2 years ago. I wanted insight on how my new business financial situation would be in the coming months. My Cards of Life showed I was in for some hard times. This was in April of 2009. The Cards showed in the second half of the year 2009, I would be greatly financially challenged. Not exactly the news one would like to receive. At the same time these Cards of Life had shown me enough “evidence” in their accuracy, that I should look to them as an added “tool” in making important decisions. I decided to cut my overhead drastically, prepared for what was to come, and I have made it through to this day, still in business.

My life is better from the lessons that the Cards of Life illustrates. The Cards of Life gives insight to the valuable lessons you are to learn through your journey on this planet. By looking at this unique “doorway” and utilizing it as a “tool” you can now embrace your lessons. You can begin the mental preparation for the process that is to take place. Gina E. Jones shows the Cards of Life in a fun and educated way. You will be amazed as I am on the great perspective Gina will give you!

~ Michael Alpough, Arizona 7♣

Thank you for your efforts in presenting the “Cards of Destiny” material. The more I learn, it is uncanny how telltale cards are sitting in their appropriate spots. I’ve been able to understand myself and others at a deeper level. You are a blessing in my life.

~ Don S., Marietta, GA 8♦

In the past I’ve explored astrology, numerology, psychic readings and many types of oracles for insight about my life and those who I am close to. Gina Jones and her Cards of Life readings and information provided a depth and accuracy I have not found before. I’m totally impressed with this ancient esoteric science that has been kept secret for so long – and is now available for us. I look forward to learning lots more.

~ M. English, Marietta, GA 4♣

As someone who is a baby boomer, I have found that in the last year in particular, I’ve found myself searching for what is my true life purpose. It wasn’t until I became a student of the Cards of Life, that this big puzzle, which makes up my Life, starting coming together at a rapid pace. I finally felt that I was beginning to gain some traction in uncovering not only who I am and what my life’s journey is about, but more importantly, who I am destined to become through the spiritual transformation of Self.

All of the above really came into focus for me once I had a session with Gina. By studying my present year’s spread of my Life Spread, I could tell that I really needed her counsel in helping me navigate through this very auspicious year. Throughout my session, I found myself understanding for the first time how the events of my life had played out thus far and why. Because some relationships are both karmic and ending, my true ahh hah moment came when Gina stated in her soft voice that “none of these endings had to do with me”. After that thought sank in, I could feel myself starting to feel at peace; all of these things were necessary in aligning me with my soul’s purpose. I’m truly grateful to Gina; her knowledge and passion for the Cards of Life is immeasurable.

~ S. Walker, Roswell, GA 10♣

Discovering Your Future Destiny with Gina Jones!!!

Gina has a gift. More importantly, she is like a Light House in the Ocean, showing us the Way back Home…

The insights of Gina’s consultation will shine light on your path, whether your question is about finances, business, love, health, or relationships.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance or have important questions about Your Life in different areas, you will find them with Gina.

She gives everybody inner strength, and helps you on your life’s Journey
as a guiding light for your soul to fulfill its purpose.

Gina’s work is very powerful. She is pure Gold.

With Gratitude..&..Admiration

~ A. M., Atlanta, GA 8♦

I want everyone know how special Gina Jones is.  I feel privileged to call her my dear sweet friend and adventure partner. Gina is absolutely amazing!

I have taken classes from her since August 2010. Each class has been exciting and informative about the past, present and, yes, the future.

Gina will blow your socks off as she unfolds more information about you and those around you. As each new event has occurred in my life, EVERY time, it has been right there in the cards.

She has a natural gift of teaching so you understand all the information the cards have to offer (this can be complicated without instruction) will position you to see things coming. Knowledge is definitely power and I promise you will react differently when you know what is in store for your life.

Gina will make you laugh as you see how we are all just players on this stage we call life!

~ Bonnie Dobbs, Roswell, GA 3♦

If you have a testimonial about our products or services, please submit your comments to: Info@TheCardsofLife dot com

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