Enjoy the following quotes from Gina E. Jones aka “Queen of Cardology”:

Gina E. Jones

Gina E. Jones “Queen of Cardology”

“Fate is the cards you were given when you were born; destiny is what you do with them.”

“The script doesn’t make the actor; the actor makes the script. Their attitude toward the role they are playing is everything.”

“No matter which cards in life you have been dealt, there is ALWAYS something good in each one!”

“The cards never lie. People lie but the cards of life never do.”

“Everything that we feel, we think, we value, and we experience is in divine order and so are the cards of our lives.”

“Don’t judge someone for the choices they have made when you don’t know the cards they have been dealt in life and the choices they had to choose from at the time.”

“Lighten up! We’re just souls playing roles and some of us are taking our roles way too seriously!”

“Some people come into your life as a blessing and others as a lesson to teach you something.  It’s magical when you know who they are and when they will show up and know why they are in your life!”

“You know that you know too much about the cards of life when you can no longer get mad. You can’t get mad because you understand the reason why people do what they do and oftentimes when they are going to do it.”

“If you want the movie of your life to have a happily-ever-after ending, doesn’t it make sense to read your script all the way through?”

“Keep calm and play your cards of life well.”

“Learn your cards. Live your cards. Love your cards. For they are what the rest of your life is all about.”

“Life mirrors everyone’s attitude, their role in life, and their cards too. What does your reflection show about you?”

“Your life is a movie and you’re the star. How well are you playing your role without reading your script and knowing who the supporting characters are in your story?”

“To know thyself, know thy cards.”

“Life isn’t about making you happy. Life is about waking you up and remembering who you are inside this illusion, in this movie, called Life!”

“The magic formula for happiness is simple. Your Attitude + Your Cards = Your Life!”

“Learn your cards. Live your cards. Love your cards. For they are what the rest of your life is all about.”

“The MAGIC for your life is in the cards you were given the day you were born…and so is your DESTINY.”

“There is real magic in the message of every card in life; each one removing the confusion within the illusion of reality.”

“No matter how much you try figure things out and learn about yourself, your life and your future, the universe is still going to surprise and delight you!”

“We are the i-MAGI-nation of the Creator, the I-MAGI.”

“You are the main character in the greatest story ever written. It’s up to you if your story is a comedy
or a tragedy.”

“Your life is a movie and you’re the star. But just how well can you play your role if you haven’t read your script or don’t even know who the supporting characters are?”


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