The Little Book of the Seven Thunders

Revelations X, Verses 4, 10 and 11

And when the Seven Thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write and I heard a voice saying unto me, “Seal up those things uttered by the Seven Thunders, and write them not.”

And I took the little book from the angel’s hand and devoured it and to my taste it was as sweet as honey; but as soon as I devoured it, it became bitter unto my inside.

And he said unto me, you must prophecy again before many people and nations and tongues and kings.

The Order of the Magi, the brotherhood of astrologers, mystics, and priests of the temples of Egypt, was instructed to keep secret the ancient knowledge of the Seven Thunders (the seven visible planets) and the location of this little book (the cards) until the time when humanity would be of the consciousness to understand this occult system of knowledge and the true magic of life. The first book, The Mystic Test Book by Olney H. Richmond, was published to reveal the secrets of the little book of knowledge and prophetic wisdom–what we refer to today as our “common” deck of playing cards.

The true gifts of the Magi have been cleverly preserved in plain sight in a small unbound book that fits in the palm of your hand. Now, through the use of the internet, this sacred book can be purchased around the world 365/24/7. Every day more and more copies are being printed and variations of the deck are created on every continent. It is written in a language that anyone in any country can decipher. While the individual pages of this mystical book are often used for fun and games, amusement and profit, large fortunes have been won and lost without any understanding of the divine revelations of the hidden meanings held within.

The Magi preserved this “little book” of life–a book that is a fractal system revealing the code of creation for our lives. This secret and highly revered system of ancient knowledge, made up of emblems, colors and numbers, containing the very structure of time, our thoughts and our experiences from birth to death, is now available through this website for all who would want to know the intricacies of their life, their cards, and their own personal destiny.



Who were the Magi…these Three Kings? You can find out more in The Cards of Life December 2016 Newsletter: The Magi…The Three Kings.

Here is a part of the newsletter:


December is the time of year when we give and receive gifts from friends, family and associates. Homes, neighborhoods, churches and shopping malls are decorated for the celebration of Christmas and display nativity scenes of the magi visiting the manager after Jesus’ birth. Around the world, the magi are regular figures in the nativity scenes and are an important part of Christian tradition.

Although the biblical account does not mention the exact number of magi, the three gifts has led to the widespread assumption that there were three men. Today, the magi are often referred to as the (Three) Kings or (Three) Wise Men.

wise men adoration murillo

Adorazione dei Magi by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, c. 1655 (Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio

Who were these distinguished foreigners, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh? What made them so kingly and wise? Few biblical stories are as well known, yet so shrouded by myth and tradition.

Research into the traditional nativity story reveals that these kings, accompanied by shepherds and angels, visited the infant Jesus in a manger on the night of his birth is actually an artistic convention allowing the two separate scenes of the Adoration of the Shepherds on the birth night and the later Adoration of the Magi to be combined for convenience. The biblical account in Gospel of Matthew simply presents an event at an unspecified point after Christ’s birth in which an unnumbered party of unnamed “wise men” visits him in a house, not a stable, with only “his mother” mentioned as being present.

In Matthew, we are not told the number of magi, their names, their means of transportation to Palestine, or the specific country or countries from which they came. The magi first appear in history in the 7th century BCE as a tribe within the Median nation in eastern Mesopotamia. Many historians consider them to have been Semites, which if so, made them–with the Jews and Arabs–descendants of Noah’s son Shem. It may also be that, like Abraham, the magi came from ancient Ur in Chaldea. The name magi was later associated solely with the hereditary priesthood within that tribe. The magi became skilled in astronomy and astrology (which, in that day, were closely associated). They were also involved in various occult practices, including sorcery, and noted for their ability to interpret dreams. It is from their name magi that our words magic and magician are derived.

Because of their combined knowledge of science, agriculture, mathematics, history, and the occult, their religious and political influence grew until they became the most prominent and powerful group of advisors in the Medo-Persian and subsequently the Babylonian empire. It is not strange, therefore, that they often were referred to as “wise men.” Historians claim that no Persian was ever able to become king without mastering the scientific and religious disciplines of the magi and then being approved and crowned by them, and that this group also largely controlled judicial appointments.

More recently, in the late 1800s, Grand Master of the Order of the Magi, Olney H. Richmond, claimed that the Order of the Magi was the star religion of the ancient Chaldeans and said that this tradition existed 20,000 years before the birth of Christ. Indeed, it was held that the (Three) Magi of the Bible were members of this Order and that Christ himself later became an initiate.

Richmond held that the Order had centers in not only Chaldea, but also Egypt and Persia. He also said that Pythagoras, one of the most famous and controversial ancient Greek philosophers who lived from ca. 570 to ca. 490 BCE, was a Grand Master of the Order (by way of the Egyptian temple).

magiReviewing the rich and varied history of the magi, it appears that even today the magi are still giving their gifts and have given a gift far more valuable than gold and more powerful than either frankincense or myrrh. They have generously given everyone on Earth the gift of life…the cards of life.

The wise and kingly men have given us, you and me, the ancient mystical system of knowledge of self-discovery and transformation. They have given us Cardology, the most accurate system there is for knowing who we are, why we are here, our life story from birth to death, and our script for every moment of every day for every year of our lives.

These wise men brilliantly combined the simplicity of numerology and the basics of astrology/astronomy with a highly accurate calendar. Thousands of years ago, the magi created the greatest gift of all time, secretly encoded with the colors, numbers and symbols of playing cards. What a gift we have been given from the wise and kingly Magi. Are you ready to receive and open their magical gift?

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