The following articles from his bookOlney Richmond(2) “Temple Lectures offers us a glimpse into this fascinating man named Olney H. Richmond. He was the first to publish information about the cards in 1893. Richmond provided some history of this ancient system and performed miraculous demonstrations for the reporters who came to his temple.

Click on the links below to read these intriguing articles, which also include some of the original etchings from his book, “The Mystic Test Book”:

A Mystic Temple
Magical Wonders
Magnetism of Stars

To read Olney Richmond’s “Temple Lectures” in its entirety online for free, go to:

The Mystic Test Book






“The Mystic Test Book” by Olney H. Richmond

You can read and/or hear (click audio button in upper right hand corner) his book from the Georgia Public Library Service online at:”>

You can also read it online at:  Downloads are available for a fee.

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