The word “cardology” has been used for decades and has recently been brought back to life to describe the ancient mystical science of playing cards. It aligns perfectly with other systems of self-understanding based on one’s birth date, like astrology and numerology.

Research shows that Los Angeles, California astrologer Jan Eric (aka Jamie Brand Erickson, Joy Erickson) was the first to use this term in 1934 as part of his work “Astro-cardology” and copyrighted it with the Library of Congress on March 31st.


Jan Eric also advertised in The Billboard Magazine for his “fortune-telling game” for $1.25 per set.

In 1974, Donalie Fitzgerald, author of “Edith Randall’s Your Place in the Cards”,  also used the term “cardology” in her book on page 16 to describe the chart of birth dates and their associated cards.

Astrologer/Cardologer and International Association of Cardology Founding Member and Historian, Iain McLaren-Owens of Astro-Cards, has used the term “cardology” in his work too as a word to describe this system. Two of his books published in 2013 are called “Magian Cardology System – Card Chart Tables” and “Magian Cardology Readings Spreads with Explanatory Text + Cycles Date Tables”.

In 2015, Cardologer and International Association of Cardology Founding Member, Stefan G. Meyer PhD of, published his book, “Mysteries of Cardology”.

Since then numerous other classes, videos, and websites have embraced “Cardology” as the umbrella term that describes the science of the cards. Having one word to convey what this system is was long overdue as there are too many names currently used, making it hard for students and practitioners to be able to find this information online and offline.

Some names are more well known than others: 52 Keys, 52 Secrets, Ancient Calendar of the Magi, Ancient Science of the Cards, Astro-Cards, Atlantean Cards, Birth Card System, Book of Destiny, Cards of Destiny, Cards of Illumination, Cards of Truth, Card System, Destiny Cards, Egyptian Tarot, Life Cards, Little Book of the Seven Thunders, Love Cards, Magian Cardology, Magi Cards, Metasymbology, Mystic Card Science, Mystic Quadrate System, Mystic Test Book System, Oracle Cards, Personal Time-Map System, Sacred Symbols, Solar Cards, Soulmancing, the original Tarot Cards, Tarotology, The Ancient Book of Time, The Book of Life, The Cards, and The Cards of Life.

No matter what it’s called, everyone loves Cardology!

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