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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens.” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

In understanding our chosen destiny, Cardology offers very detailed and accurate information regarding every day, week and year of our lives and even specifies the exact people we will be meeting. Like astrology, each of these seven planets–Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune—possesses unique energies that define aspects of our personality, life experiences, and even our karma. And Pluto represents our challenge, and like plutonium, it creates massive change in our lives!

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Planets revolve around the Sun at varying rates of speed. The smaller planets,
which are the closest to the Sun, move much more rapidly than the larger ones
with their wider circles.

Mercury makes orbital revolution in: 88 days
Venus makes orbital revolution in: 224.5 days
Earth makes orbital revolution in: 365.25 days
Mars makes orbital revolution in: 1 yr. 322 days
Jupiter makes orbital revolution in: 12 years
Saturn makes orbital revolution in: 29.5 years
Uranus makes orbital revolution in: 84 years
Neptune makes orbital revolution in: 165 years
Pluto makes orbital revolution in: 248 years

The hourly motion (in miles) of the planets in their orbits is as follows:
Mercury: 104,000
Venus: 77,000
Earth: 65,000
Mars: 53,000
Jupiter: 29,000
Saturn: 21,000
Uranus: 15,000
Neptune: 12,000

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