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Did you know that every day of the year is ruled by a particular card and with that card comes specific energies, influences and even karma that affect all our lives that day? It’s true. Think of it as a daily horoscope for everyone on the planet!

This “ruling” card for each day influences every one of us even if we were not born that day. There is much you can discover about the cards, their meanings and influences affecting each of us by reading The Card of the Day! Each daily email is designed to assist you to experience life with detailed information about that day, to gain more insight into your life and your relationships.

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More about the Card of the Day!

For example, anyone born on October 20 would be a Two of Clubs person. Even though that is probably not your birthday, on that day the Two of Clubs influences you and everyone else on the planet. On that day (and any other Two of Clubs day), you will love to talk and share ideas. Your mind will be able to make fine distinctions. You may also feel witty and charming, unless you get caught up in fear, which can make you irritable and argumentative. It is recommended on a Two of Clubs day that you strive for cooperation in communication and enjoy great conversations and sharing ideas with friends, family and associates. It is a great day to elevate your thoughts, your communications and your consciousness!

Every day the influences of these ruling cards affect all of us. There is much you can discover about the cards, their meanings and the energies coming each day by reading The Card of the Day! To learn more, go to our page The Mayan Way – Simple and Sacred!

The Card of the Day! is emailed the previous evening (7:00pm MST) giving subscribers around the world the opportunity to be aware of what each daily card brings. Here are some of the countries, besides the United States, where our 30,000 subscribers live:


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