Change, even for the better, is not always easy to implement and can certainly be more challenging to follow through on. With the best of intentions, change and transformation can be difficult, even scary at times.

Have you found yourself in situations in your everyday life where it is hard for you to stay committed to playing the high side of your cards, or even remembering what to do and when, after having a consultation regarding your cards for the upcoming year? You are not alone.

Due to numerous client requests, we are now offering 12-Month Consulting Programs to help everyone fully understand their cards and know how to get the most rewarding results, whether it is in business, personal transformation or in the area of relationships.

Here is what we have put together to help you play the high side every day so you can shine brilliantly!


Business ConsultingBusiness Consulting

12-Month Business Consulting Program with Gina E. Jones*

Each month your business can shine brilliantly in the spotlight of success with…

1.5 Hours Business Consulting w/MP3 Audio Recording

52-Day Assessment/Analysis

Preview: 52-Week Business Planner

Coming Attraction: Sneak Peek into the Next 52-Week Script

Next Season: Preview of Upcoming Trends and Highlights

BONUS: 4 Blockbuster Business Tips

$197.00 per month


Personal ConsultingPersonal Consulting

12-Month Personal Consulting Program with Gina E. Jones*

Each month learn how to become the star of your own life story with…

1 Hour of Personal Consulting w/MP3 Audio Recording

52-Week Personal Daily Script Planner

52-Day Script Assessment/Analysis

Review: Your Current Yearly Script

Coming Attraction: Sneak Peek into the Next 52-Day Script

BONUS: 4 Blockbuster Personal Tips

$77.00 per month


Relationship ConsultingRelationship Consulting

12-Month Relationship Consulting Program with Gina E. Jones*

Each month feel the love and learn how to have the best relationship possible with…

1 Hour of Relationship Consulting w/MP3 Audio Recording

2  52-Week Personal Planners

2  52-Day Assessment/Analysis

Review: Both Yearly Scripts

Coming Attraction: Sneak Peek into the Next 52-Day Script

BONUS: 4 Blockbuster Relationship Tips

$97.00 per month


*Our 12-Month Consulting Programs are only available once you have a Business, Personal or Relationship Consultation. For more information about our consultations, go to: Consultations


[Note: The Cards of Life 12-Month Consulting Programs are processed on our new website platform, Kajabi. On our Kajabi website, we process payments through Stripe. Everything is safe and secure and your information is only for our use to provide the services you have requested. If you have any questions, please feel to call us directly any time at: 1-800-997-6030.]