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The Little Book of the Seven Thunders

Revelations X, verses 4, 10 and 11

“And when the Seven Thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write and I heard a voice saying unto me, “Seal up those things uttered by the Seven Thunders, and write them not.”

“And I took the little book from the angel’s hand and devoured it and to my taste it was as sweet as honey; but as soon as I devoured it, it became bitter unto my inside.”

“And he said unto me, you must prophecy again before many people and nations and tongues and kings.”

The Order of the Magi, the brotherhood of astrologers, mystics, and priests of the temples of Egypt, was instructed to keep secret the ancient knowledge of the Seven Thunders (the seven visible planets) and the location of this little book (the cards) until the time when humanity would be of the consciousness to understand of this occult system of knowledge and the true magic of life. The first book, The Mystic Test Book by Olney H. Richmond, was published for the public in the USA to reveal the secrets of the little book of knowledge and prophetic wisdom–what we refer to today as our “common” deck of playing cards.

This secret and most sacred system of ancient knowledge is now available through this website for all who would want to know the intricacies of their life, their cards, and their personal destiny.

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