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Gina E. JonesGina E. Jones is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and speaker. She is also a Cardologer and Certified Magi Counselor, Founder of the International Association of Cardology and Co-Founder of Cardology Community: The Official International Online Forum for Cardology, and a teacher of the Cards of Life.

Gina has written articles that appear in various magazines and websites including Oracle 20/20 Magazine, The Lifestyle Cafe, Omega Directory, Creations Magazine, Turtle River Press, Emerald-Energies, Pathways Within, Heaven to Earth, Thoth Web, Spirit Watch, Nancy Lynne Harris, Image Net, Edge Life, Angel Paths, Earth Star Magazine, Spiritual World, Listen Media, International New Thought Alliance, Inspiration Line, Aquarius Magazine, Messages of the Magi, The Cards of Life, International Association of Cardology, and the Association of Humanistic Psychology.