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Birth Horoscopes of 13 Zodiac Astrology provide information about you based on the day you were born and the astrological alignment based on 13 Zodiac Astrology. You’ll discover your Birth Horoscope details and get your Birth Chart as well. You’ll discover your true Ascendant, the places of the planets on the date you were born and how they affect your life today. Find your Astrological Sunspot Number and its role in your life. With our detailed explanation, you will learn how all these semantic astrological factors combine with each other and determine your destiny!

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Here is a sample of a custom Birth Horoscope of 13 Zodiac Astrology for a person named David born on December 4, 1951 at 7:40 am in Miami, FL, USA. It includes a general Sun Sign description and also descriptions for every planet. Much more information regarding the potentialities of this individual are derived from their personal chart. A planetarium image of the sky on the birth date and time is also included.


Your 13 Zodiac Astrology Sign is Ophiuchus.

Sunspots: When you were born the Sun had about 22 Sunspots. According to the Sunspot number you are an γ (greek letter γ) character. It means that you are gentle and peace loving

Sun 3.64 degrees in Ophiuchus: Those born under the sign of Ophiuchus tend to doubt everything. You have your own ideological approach and philosophy of life. You love to teach and are very effective teachers of the young. Among your characteristic traits are optimism and impulsiveness. You have an opinion about everything and will pursue your rights to express it to the end. You feel free and unfettered. Ophiuchus people are very active, with a positive energy which you channel into ambitious plans. Adventure is in your blood and you will seek it out in all its forms.

Moon 25.98 degrees in Capricorn: The Moon is your new Ascendant. The Moon in Capricorn means available for free thinking but also Trends to extreme behavior and paranoia. Moon in Capricorn gives capacity in economic management.

Mercury 5.15 degrees in Sagittarius: Mercury in Sagittarius predisposes you to cultivate the spirit of obedience

Venus 31.99 degrees in Virgo: Venus in Virgo means coexist with altruism

Mars 11.75 degrees in Virgo: Mars in Virgo brings marital discord

Jupiter 4.27 degrees in Pisces: Jupiter in Pisces means that you will feel as the leader of the house as a parent

Saturn 18.63 degrees in Virgo: Saturn in Virgo will bring tact and courtesy in sex

Uranus 12.83 degrees in Gemini: Uranus in Gemini will bring variability

Neptune 26.94 degrees in Virgo: Poseidon in Virgo means Diplomacy at Work

Although born with the Sun in Ophiuchus, you have many planets in Virgo, (Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Venus) that give you many of Virgo characteristics as harmony and trend to be perceptive.

The Moon in Capricorn contributes to your perplexed character by offering revolutionary attitude and willing to change things around you.

The Moon was in waxing phase when you were born, just before the first quarter phase. This emphasizes the power to build organic structures. According to the Moon’s phase you have a trend to see how far you may expand by using your vital experiences.

All the planets are bound together in a dense web of aspects that is a clear message of your strong will to co-operate with people around you for your professional matters.
Jupiter in Pisces give a good perspective for economic growth, reducing your bad forces and revealing the best of you in social life..

Saturn and Neptune are between Mars and Venus (all in Virgo) which poses problems on couples. Harmony could be found only through third people or other factors such as children..

There is a lot of potential in your character still left to be discovered through introspection and philosophical thinking. The crucial fact that all planets are co-operating on your natal chart has a lot to be said…

Vasilis Kanatas
13 Zodiac Astrology

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