Ace of HeartsThe Aces of the deck often bring forth a strong personality, one who is eager to express their uniqueness and individuality. As a One (1) card, they can be focused on self-interests, “What’s in it for me?” The Ace of Hearts expression comes in the area of emotional expression, self-exploration and finding someone to love them. They do enjoy their own company and do well using alone time for personal, creative pursuits.

The double Mercury position in the Master Spirit Script indicates an innate mental agility with fresh ideas and a desire to exchange ideas with others. These ideas may include entrepreneurial opportunities, which are further supported by the Ace of Diamonds in Mercury as well as their Ace of Diamonds Challenging Karma Card (-KC). Ambitious and driven perhaps at the expense of their relationships, the Ace of Hearts person is often successful due to this need-to-achieve influence.

To even further indicate profitable creative ideas is the Three of Clubs♣ in Jupiter in their life script: so many words, spoken and unspoken. The caution here is to not take on so much that it results in stress and worry.

Prone to restlessness as an odd-numbered card, they learn through the experience of trial and error. A life task of the Ace of Hearts person is to learn gratitude and selflessness. By applying their creativity in their work they can achieve notoriety which will fulfill their deep desire for attention. Learning to truly love and accept themselves opens the door to more fulfilling relationships.

People of this card and suit are here to experience life and themselves through feelings/emotions, art/beauty, children/youth, people/relationships, and love/marriage.

Ace of Hearts Life Script

Ace of Hearts Karma Cards:
Challenging Karma Card (-KC)  Ace of Diamonds
Supporting Karma Card (+KC)  Three of Hearts

Ace of Hearts Birthdays:  December 30

Famous Ace of Hearts: Rudyard Kipling, Simon Guggenheim, Joseph Hilbe, Jack Riley, William J. Fallon, Laila Ali, John N. Bahcall, Patti Smith, Bo Diddley, Robert Hossein, Vladimir Bukovsky, Tracey Ullman, Asa Griggs Candler, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Jack Lord, Steven Smith, Davy Jones, Barry Greenstein, Sandy Koufax, Bryan Burk, Matt Lauer, Sean Hannity, Tiger Woods, Kevin Systrom