Welcome to the Cards of Life website where you will discover detailed information about your life and find valuable information about Cardology, the science of the cards, which comes from a very ancient and highly revered mystical knowledge that originated before the days of early Egypt. Its exact origins are unknown but its accuracy speaks for itself. This information gives you timely and practical understanding to events and experiences that you are currently going through in your life, with who and why.

Look at our birthday chart to find your Life Card: Birthday Chart

Cardology is a fractal system made up of playing cards which actually forms a calendar. The positions of the cards for your life are not random. In this system, which includes some astrology and numerology, each card is derived from mathematical calculations taken from your birthday and your current age. It is these cards, and their meanings, that provide the information about every day of every year of your life.

Your birthday is associated with one of the 53 (52 + Joker) playing cards. That card, called your Life Card, tells you much about your personality, character, and potential in the various areas of life. Every Life Card in Cardology has higher expressions as well as lower ones that challenge us and must be dealt with during the course of a lifetime.

Your Life Card is the most important symbol of who you are in this lifetime and of your karma – both positive and negative. It is also referred to as a Birth Card, Soul Card, Destiny Card, Sun Card and Love Card. It is the card that you most identify with, and through which you receive the greatest gifts to share with those around you. Even though it is most important, your Life Card is not the only card that is a personal significator. There are two more called Karma Cards–Challenging and Supporting.

Karma Cards:
Your Challenging Karma Card (-KC), also known as the First Karma Card, represents past-life areas in which you have an obligation to pay more attention to in this current lifetime. Sometimes it can represent your weak side or your shadow side in one or more ways. Your negative Challenging Karma Card represents an inner part of you that you don’t want to share with the world and prefer to hide, sometimes even from yourself. It is said that you must give to the energy or issue that your Challenging Karma Card represents. The real message with the Challenging Karma Card is that it challenges you to pay more attention to it. By choosing to look at it, and eventually embrace it, you fulfill its purpose in your life and derive a positive expression of it instead of the more negative expression that you started out with in life.

Your Supporting Karma Card (+KC), also known as the Second Karma Card, represents past-life gifts, talents, abilities and areas in which you are somewhat gifted in expression. Most people find that the expression of the energies represented by their positive Supporting Karma Card comes easily and naturally, and tends to be beneficial. This is the outer part of yourself that you are more than happy to share with the world. Thus, it is often referred to as your ‘good karma.’ It pertains to areas of your life that you have been blessed with and in which you have many things to be most grateful for.